Pantai Tulamben

Underwater Adventure at the Shipwreck of the USS Liberty

Bali, the island of gods renowned for its natural beauty and culture, boasts many amazing tourist destinations. One of them is Tulamben Beach located in the village of Tulamben, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency. This beach offers a charm no less exotic than other beaches in Bali.

Tulamben Beach has relatively calm waves, making it a favorite spot for divers who want to enjoy the beauty of Bali’s underwater world. One of the main attractions of Tulamben Beach is the wreckage of the USS Liberty, an American ship sunk in 1942 after being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during World War II. The shipwreck has become the main icon for divers at Tulamben Beach and adds allure to tourists who come here. In addition to the USS Liberty shipwreck, Tulamben Beach is also known for its beautiful coral reefs.

The beautiful and colorful coral reefs underwater at Tulamben Beach will delight the eyes of divers. There are also other beautiful spots in Tulamben Beach, such as the coral garden, drop-off, and more that you can explore. So, if you are planning a vacation or a trip to Bali, don’t forget to explore the eastern tip and visit Tulamben Beach. Enjoy the underwater adventure at the USS Liberty shipwreck and discover the beauty of the coral reefs at Tulamben Beach. Have a great holiday and savor the beauty of Bali’s underwater world!

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